KeeAgent Beta 0.5.4 Released

I forgot to announce the last couple betas, so here are the changelogs:


  • Add password entry list column to indicate SSH key status.
  • Add keyboard shortcut for loading key from selected entries.
  • Add per-entry lifetime constraint settings.
  • Add browse buttons for selecting Cygwin/MSYS socket files.
  • Allow use of environment variables in Cygwin/MSYS socket file path.
  • Restrict permissions of Cygwin/MSYS socket file to current user only.


  • Fix entries in the recycle bin are loaded at start when they should be ignored.
  • More informative error messages when key fails to load.
  • Add column to agent manager that shows where the key came from.
  • Add support for Cygwin/MSYS integration


  • Fix issue with DSA authentication failing ~1% of the time because of signature length less than 40 bytes

And if you haven’t already upgraded to v0.5.x, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!