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This is a (way overdue) bug fix release, fixing bugs introduced in the previous 0.11.x versions. Download:

This version should be compatible with KeePass 2.43. (Older versions of KeeAgent fail to load in KeePass 2.43.) Download:

Not too much to brag about here, but there are some bug fixes that have been sitting around for too long, so I’m finally making a release. Download:

Yes, KeeAgent v0.10.0 was released only yesterday. But, thanks to an intrepid KeePass forum follower, it was discovered that KeeAgent was not compatible with the latest KeePass 2.x development snapshots. When KeePass 2.39 is released, older versions of KeeAgent will …

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I’m promoting the latest KeeAgent Beta to stable. It has been downloaded many hundreds of times with no major issues reported. Nothing too major has changed since the last stable release. Mostly bug fixes and some usability enhancements. Download:

Starting on the first of January, 2017, I started accepting PayPal payments for KeeAgent using a pay-what-you-want model. I had no idea what to expect, and I imagine others may be interested to know as well, so I am making …

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This release fixes some keys not loading when running with mono –verify-all (e.g. on Fedora). I know I said this last time, but… This will probably be the final beta released before this becomes the “stable” version, so please test. …

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There are just a few minor enhancements: Add support for aes256-ctr cipher in OpenSSH private key files Experimental support for Windows OpenSSH This will probably be the final beta released before this becomes the “stable” version, so please test. Download:

This release brings some bug fixes and some new features. Fix some high DPI scaling issues on Windows Fix some layout issues on Mono Fix loading keys larger than 4096 bytes into Pageant Ignore keys in Recycle Bin when closing/locking …

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It’s time for some more KeeAgent development! Please take this for a test drive and leave comments on GitHub about what other new features and fixes you would like to see. Download: