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KeeAgent Beta v0.7.12 Released

I’ve been neglecting KeeAgent for a while, but I finally set aside a day for it. This release is pretty much all bug fixes and a few minor usability enhancements. I will probably release this version as stable in a

KeeAgent Beta v0.7.7 Released

New features: Support for Agent mode on Linux/OS X. No docs on the website yet, so please see this for now. Download:

KeeAgent Beta v0.7.6 Released

Bug fix: Fix deadlock when using OpenSSH >= v6.8.p1 in Cygwin. New features: Add support for ECDSA and ED25519 keys in PuTTY Private Key (.ppk) files. Thanks to GitHub user angelsl for implementing this! Better error message when running in

KeeAgent Beta v0.7.4 Released

One more new feature: There is now an option that allows you to pick which key(s) are returned when a client program requests a list of all SSH keys in the agent. This is useful when you have a large

KeeAgent Beta v0.7.2 Released

Just a couple new things: The process inspection feature now works with Cygwin and MSYS sockets on Windows. If a socket file is not deleted (because KeePass crashed or was forcefully closed), it will be silently overwritten when KeePass starts.

KeeAgent Beta 0.7.1 Released

I know it has been less than 24 hours since v0.7.0 was released… but this release includes a much requested new feature. The confirmation dialog and the balloon notification now tell you which program made the request that triggered it.

KeeAgent Beta v0.7.0 Released

It’s once again time for new features in KeeAgent. Starting off this round of beta testing is: Support for the “new” OpenSSH private key file format introduced in OpenSSH v6.5 (the one that uses bcrypt to encrypt your private keys).

KeeAgent 0.6.0 Released

IMPORTANT: This version changes where settings are stored for individual password entries. If you downgrade KeeAgent to a version less than 0.5.0 after using this version, your settings will be “lost”. Make a backup of your database(s) before installing. Changelog

KeeAgent Beta 0.5.4 Released

I forgot to announce the last couple betas, so here are the changelogs: v0.5.4: Add password entry list column to indicate SSH key status. Add keyboard shortcut for loading key from selected entries. Add per-entry lifetime constraint settings. Add browse

KeeAgent Beta v0.5.1 Released

Not much new since v0.5.0: Added feature to load comments from OpenSSH public key files Fixed Mono/Winforms issues in KeeAgent tab in Entry Setting If you haven’t already upgraded to v0.5.0, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!