KeeAgent 2017 Contribution Report

Starting on the first of January, 2017, I started accepting PayPal payments for KeeAgent using a pay-what-you-want model. I had no idea what to expect, and I imagine others may be interested to know as well, so I am making a short report of it. Also money is not the only type of contribution. User feedback is an essential part of making useful software. So those contributions are included as well.

  • 26 issued opened on GitHub1
  • 2 pull requests opened on GitHub1
  • 13 messages received from the contact page
  • 16 PayPal payments totaling $156
  • 58+ hours spent (by me) working on KeeAgent2

Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way!

1. Includes SshAgentLib repository too.
2. I use time tracking software to record the time worked. I really spent more time, but some of the time was not recorded. To save you from having to do the math, this means I earned the modest salary of something less than $2.69/hour working on KeeAgent.