KeeAgent 0.6.0 Released

IMPORTANT: This version changes where settings are stored for individual password entries. If you downgrade KeeAgent to a version less than 0.5.0 after using this version, your settings will be “lost”. Make a backup of your database(s) before installing.

Changelog since last stable release:

  • “Unlock Database On SSH Activity” from database settings to global options
  • Fix Entry Settings form can close in invalid state in Mono
  • Add SSH key info to KeeAgent tab of Entry Settings dialog (Known issue: does not update correctly in Mono)
  • Add confirm constraint option to individual entries
  • Add option to save key file to temporary file for use by external programs
  • KeeAgent settings are now stored in a binary attached to each entry instead of in a string (Important: settings will be lost if you downgrade KeeAgent)
  • Expired entries are no longer automatically loaded
  • Add placeholders for accessing key files
  • Add feature to get key comment for OpenSSH keys
  • Fix issue with DSA authentication failing ~1% of the time because of signature length less than 40 bytes
  • Fix entries in the recycle bin are loaded at start when they should be ignored.
  • More informative error messages when key fails to load.
  • Add column to agent manager that shows where the key came from.
  • Add support for Cygwin/MSYS integration
  • Add password entry list column to indicate SSH key status.
  • Add keyboard shortcut for loading key from selected entries.
  • Add per-entry lifetime constraint settings.