Year: 2014

KeeAgent Beta 0.5.4 Released

I forgot to announce the last couple betas, so here are the changelogs: v0.5.4: Add password entry list column to indicate SSH key status. Add keyboard shortcut for loading key from selected entries. Add per-entry lifetime constraint settings. Add browse

Using UART Sensors on any Linux

UPDATE: This post has been modified for the 2.0 DKMS package release (2015-02-14). Thanks to the ev3dev project, it is possible to use any LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 UART sensor on any kind of Linux with a serial port. I have

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Will Work For Sensors

I’ve been involved in the ev3dev project for almost a year now. Up to now, everything I have done has been on GitHub, but this is a more personal message, so posting it on my personal website. This is an open

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KeeAgent Beta v0.5.1 Released

Not much new since v0.5.0: Added feature to load comments from OpenSSH public key files Fixed Mono/Winforms issues in KeeAgent tab in Entry Setting If you haven’t already upgraded to v0.5.0, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

KeeAgent Beta v0.5.0 Released

IMPORTANT: This version changes where settings are stored for individual password entries. If you downgrade KeeAgent to a previous version after using this version, your settings will be “lost”. Make a backup of your database(s) before installing. Changelog: “Unlock Database

New Website

I have changed the content management system I use for the KeeAgent website. The new RSS feed address is