Updated: March 21, 2016


KeeAgent is a plugin for KeePass 2.x that allows SSH keys stored in a KeePass database to be used for SSH authentication by other programs.

If you are looking for a plugin for KeePass 1.x, you can find one here.


  • Store your SSH private keys in your KeePass 2.x database and use KeePass as your SSH agent (replaces Pageant on Windows).
  • Keys can be configured to automatically load when a KeePass database is opened and unload when the database is closed/locked.
  • Cross-platform: work on Windows/Linux/Mac.
  • Supports both PuTTY and OpenSSH private key formats, (new in Beta v0.7.0, includes the “new” OpenSSH key format introduced in OpenSSH 6.5).
  • Supports SSH1 and SSH2 keys.
  • SSH2 key formats include RSA, DSA and ECDSA (new in Beta v0.7.0, includes Ed25519 support).
  • Works with both PuTTY (and PuTTY compatible programs) and Cygwin/Msys on Windows.
  • Works with native SSH agent on Linux/Mac.
  • And more!

System Requirements

  • General
    • KeePass >= 2.19
  • Windows
    • .NET >= 4
  • Linux / Mac
    • Mono >= 2.8 and < 3.0 or >= 3.2 (Will not work on Mono 3.0.x due to a bug in Mono)
    • ssh-agent (KeeAgent only works in Client mode on Linux/Mac.)
      Gnome/Unity/Cinnamon/MATE/Pantheon users: The SSH agent in Gnome keyring is not supported. It is enabled by default and must be disabled. See the installation page for more info.


Stable Version:

If you are upgrading from a version < 0.5.0, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

Ubuntu/Linux Mint/elementary OS users: For easier installation, a PPA is available. Read these instructions for more information.

Arch Linux users: AUR packages are available for stable and beta.

Windows users: If you use the Chocolatey package manager, there are packages available for stable and beta.

Source Code is available at github. (Pull requests welcome!)