Updated: April 20, 2018

Menu Items

KeeAgent adds several menu items to KeePass.

Main / Application Menu

This is the KeePass application menu.

KeePass - Application Menu

Tools Menu

KeeAgent adds one item to the Tools menu.

KeePass - Tools menu - KeeAgent
Opens the KeeAgent Manager dialog.

Entry Context Menu

The Entry Context Menu is accessed by right-clicking on an entry in the entry list.

KeePass - Context Menu - Load SSH Key
Load SSH Key
Loads key from the selected entry in to the agent.
This menu item is only visible if the selected entry has “Allow KeeAgent to use this entry” checked.
If the key is already loaded in the agent, it will be replaced. This could potentially change any constraints the key has.

Notification Tray Icon Menu

KeePass - Tray Icon Menu - KeeAgent

If you are missing this icon on your Linux desktop, check out this plugin.

Opens the KeeAgent Manager dialog. (Same as Tools > KeeAgent in the application menu.)